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Morocco Tour Guides

5 Must-See Places to Visit in Morocco

With so many places to visit in Morocco, it can be hard to decide on an itinerary. Be sure you don’t miss these incredible highlights:

High Atlas

The High Atlas Mountains are the place in Morocco for hikers, nature lovers, bird watchers, and those looking for a spectacular view. Whether you want to explore, relax, take photographs, or just enjoy the beauty of nature, the High Atlas Mountains are the place to do it.

Sahara Desert

One of the most incredible things to see is the night sky above the vast Sahara Desert. From the extraordinary sunset to the seemingly endless twinkling stars, this is a view you simply cannot miss.

Caves of Hercules

Across from the King of Morocco’s summer palace in Tangier are the exciting and intriguing Caves of Hercules. Spend a few days exploring the caves while you stay on the relaxing, pleasant beaches or just stop by for a day trip.

Ait Ben Haddou

Ait Ben Haddou is the home to hillside houses and ancient ruins with cafe views from deep inside the village. This is one of the places where having Morocco tour guides is the best way to enjoy your visit.

Rose Valley

Fall captive to the unspoiled beauty and overwhelming fragrance of Rose Valley. The blue waters, green land, and the snow-capped mountains are a splendid picture of natural radiance. The olive and fig trees along with the gardens of pink roses simply enhance it.

Make the most of your trip to Morocco. Book your tours with Sahara Sky for a customized itinerary and Morocco tour guides that can help maximize your enjoyment.

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